Harbor Commission

The Harbor Commission meets on the second Wednesday of the month and consists of nine residents appointed by the Town Council and they each serve a term of three years.

HARBOR COMM (Bernardo x305)



7:00 PM


Wednesday, January 8


Wednesday, February 12


Wednesday, March 11


Wednesday, April 8


Wednesday, May 13


Wednesday, June 10


Wednesday, July 8


Wednesday, August 12


Wednesday, September 9


Wednesday, October 14


Wednesday, November 13


Wednesday, December 9




Secretary of State - Agendas, Minutes


The responsibilities of Harbor Commission include:

  • Working with the Harbor Master on implementing the Harbor Management Plan.

  • Reviewing applications pending before the Coastal Resources Management Council or the United States Army Corps of Engineers relating to the waters of the Town of Barrington.

  • Hearing appeals of a decision of the Harbor Master.

Harbor Management Plan

The Harbor Management Plan is a comprehensive set of guidelines, policies, recommendations and regulations to establish local control over the tidal waterways and contingent shore line areas of Barrington.


  • Anne Chapin, Vice Chair

  • Paul H. Dennis

  • Bradshaw Evans

  • James Forster

  • Nelson L. Hawkins Jr., Chair

  • Frank Hearn

  • Dwight M. McMillan

  • Douglas Moshier

  • Michael Reuter


  • Joy Hearn, Council Liaison