Police Department

Police Department

cruiserWelcome to the Barrington Police information page. Here you can learn more about who we are and what we do for our community.

If there are specific questions that are not answered here, please submit them by email or call our non-emergency phone number. Remember, for all emergency calls, dial 9-1-1. For non-emergency calls, dial 401-437-3935, our confidential tip line 401-437-3933 or use our Email Hotline.

If you have a complaint about the Police Department, please read this message.

NOTICE: Anyone with knowledge or suspicion of child abuse or neglect should call the 24/7 hotline at 1 (800) RI-CHILD (1-800-742-4453).

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From the Chief

The men and women of the Barrington Police Department are dedicated solely to preserving the rights, property, safety and dignity of the people of this community. With that mission stated, I created a website shortly after becoming the Chief of Police in January of 2002 as a tool to fight crime while providing accessible information to the community we serve.

As you travel through our website, I hope it is evident to you that it is an extension of our community policing partnership which we renew each day with the citizens we are sworn to serve.

Our website offers the men and women of this department an opportunity to familiarize you with our specialized services and important documents that we provide. I encourage your input to improve this website as this Department strives to provide the best quality and professional services available.

Your ideas can be directed to my personal e-mail address which remains confidential. Simply click the email hotline to send me a message.

We appreciate your taking the time to visit our website.


Chief John M. LaCross