Barrington Town Beach

Located on Bay Road, Barrington Beach is four acres of beachfront overlooking Narragansett Bay. Lifeguards on duty from June to September. Parking available to residents only with season parking passes sold at gatehouse.

Town Ordinance: Barrington Beach

  • Each car must have a parking sticker placed on its passenger side front window. Beach stickers are non-transferable.

  • Each motor cycle must have a resident parking sticker placed on the vehicle. Beach stickers are non-transferable.

  • Parking stickers can be purchased at the Beach or at the Recreation Office at Town Hall. You will need to present a current license and current vehicle registration with a Barrington address.

  • Please observe the STOP sign at the entrance to the beach.

  • Trash in - trash out. Each person is responsible to remove his/her trash from the beach.

  • All vehicles entering the beach shall proceed slowly and directly to a parking area and shall remain parked until leaving. There shall be no cross traffic riding for pleasure or meandering within the beach area. This applies to all motor driven vehicles including motorcycles and scooters.

  • There shall be no launching of boats at the beach except to the extreme EAST and not larger than a Sunfish or similar type boat.

  • No automobiles with trailers attached shall be allowed to park in the parking area of the beach.

  • No swimming shall be allowed outside the bouyed area.

  • No use of underwater breathing device including air-breathing snorkel shall be allowed unless properly supervised by a qualified instructor.

  • No air mattress, air-filled floats, or foam type non-sinkable floats may be used within the bouyed area, if, in the opinion of the lifeguard on duty, it creates a nuisance or danger to the participants or other persons.

  • No ball playing or other activity shall be allowed either in the water or on the beach , if, in the opinion of the lifeguard on duty, it creates a nuisance or danger to the participants or other persons.

  • The parking areas will be closed at 9:00pm and all motor vehicles must be out of the area before the stated time.

  • No horses, dogs, motor bikes or other motorized vehicles are allowed on the beach at any time.

  • Possession and /or consumption of alcoholic beverages at the beach is prohibited.

  • Use of glass containers is prohibited.

  • No grills or fires for cooking are allowed on the beach.

  • The establishment of bonfires within the confines of the beach is prohibited.

  • Smoking is restricted to the designated areas of the beach.

Any person violating any provision shall pay a fine not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) for each offense and may be subject to restriction from the use of the beach for the rest of the season and forfeiture of his/her beach sticker.