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The 2017-2018 Excise Bill is the tax for vehicle(s) registered any time between
January 1st and December 31st 2016 (not 2017)

Q. When does the Excise Tax begin and end?

A. The Excise Tax begins on the day you register your vehicle at the RI DMV. However, the Excise Tax Bill comes out the following year. An Excise Tax Bill that is not delinquent can be paid in quarterly installments. An Excise Tax is different from the sales tax on your vehicle that you pay only once to the DMV upon purchase. The Excise Tax ends when either your registration terminates or when you turn in your license plates and cancels your registration. However, you will be billed for the vehicle in the following year. See the last section for more on how this works.

Q. How is the Excise Tax calculated?

A. The Excise Tax Bill is based on a formula using the value of the vehicle as determined by the Rhode Island Vehicle Value Commission (Barrington’s rate is $42.00 per thousand dollars of value), minus the current “Phase-Out” ($2,000 this year) and divided by the number of days in a calendar year.

Q. What is a partial bill?

A. You pay excise tax based on the actual number of days your vehicle is registered in any given year. The excise tax is assessed on a day by day (“Per Diem”) basis and on the assessed value of the vehicle as determined by the Rhode Island Vehicle Value Commission.

For example, if your vehicle is assessed for $22,000, with the $2,000 exemption, you would be taxed on a value of $20,000. With a tax rate of $42.00 per $1,000 of value, the tax on this vehicle would be $840.00 so long as the vehicle was registered for a full year. If it was registered for only half of the year (183 days) the tax would be $420.00.

Q. How are lease vehicles taxed?

A. Leased vehicles are billed to the leasing company; privately owned vehicles are billed to the individual. On top of the taxes owed, the State of Rhode Island also collects a 7% tax.

Q. Are students or military exempt from this tax?

A. Out of state or foreign students who register a vehicle in Rhode Island are not exempt for the excise tax. Active duty military who claim Rhode Island as there domicile are also not exempt from this excise tax.

Q. What happens if I miss a quarterly payment?

A. Once a quarterly payment deadline is missed, the account is considered delinquent. Failure to pay any quarterly installment will result in interest charges and the acceleration of the entire annual tax. In addition, the Town will place a block on your registration renewal for that vehicle and any other vehicles also registered in your name.

Q. What if my registration renewal is blocked by the DMV for failure to pay my excise tax?

A. You need to pay the Excise Tax in full and request a clearance from the Town of Barrington. If you have a registration block and you are not behind in your excise tax, contact the Treasurer’s Office for a clearance.

Q. How is interest calculated?

A. Town ordinance controls interest accrual. When any quarter is paid after the due date, the entire portion of the unpaid bill is due and interest is assessed at a rate of 1.5% per month from July 1st to the date of the payment.

Q. How do I appeal the assessed value of my vehicle?

A. The assessed value of your vehicle is set by the Rhode Island Vehicle Value Commission. The Rhode Island Vehicle Value Commission uses the “National Automobile Dealers Association” (NADA) “Clean Retail Value” to set vehicle assessments. While you may appeal the bill, you cannot appeal the tax based on; the condition of the vehicle, the mileage of the vehicle, or the purchase price of the vehicle. Appeals should be directed to the Town Tax Assessor’s Office. Consult the back of your tax bill, or go to Appeals must be made within thirty (30) days of the MAILING of your bill, not when you actually get your bill. The deadline to submit an appeal this year is September 28, 2015.

Q. I’m moving out of Barrington, what do I do?

A. Notify the DMV within ten (10) days of moving (or disposal) of your vehicle. The DMV provides the Town of Barrington with a vehicle database based on the DMV’s registration data. To prevent a problem when our move, file a change of address for each registered vehicle with ten (10) days of your move. You can download the change of address form at Submitting the change of address form will inform the DMV as well to take your vehicle off of the tax rolls in the Town that you move from and adding it to the city or town you moved to. If you don’t file the change of address form, you will continue to receive an Excise Tax bill until the plate naturally expires (RI has a 2-year registration period).

Q. I sold my vehicle, what do I do now?

A. Upon sale or disposal, promptly turn in your license plates and cancel your registration or else your excise tax continues until the plates naturally expire. When you either discontinue a registration (for example, going from two vehicles to one, or after a death) or register your vehicle in another state due to relocation, you need to terminate your vehicle registration(s) with the DMV to stop the tax from being charged.

If you do not turn in your plates, you will continue to be taxed on the vehicle attached to that registration.

Q. When will I get a bill?

A. The vehicle excise tax is based on what vehicles you owned in the previous calendar year. So, whatever is in the DMV database (what vehicles you own, what city or town the vehicle is registered in) in 2014 will receive a bill in August of 2015, and the first quarter is due and payable prior to September 30, 2015.

Q. I purchased a vehicle in January of this year, will I get a bill?

A. A vehicle registered at the DMV in January of 2015 will not be assessed by the DMV until December 31, 2015 and the first excise tax bill due on that vehicle will be June 31, 2016. In this example, there is a 19 month lag time before you receive a bill.

Q. I already moved, now what do I do?

A. Let’s suppose you move out of state on October 31, 2015 turned in your license plates (and cancel your registration) on November 1, 2015. On December 31, 2015 the DMV will assess excise taxes on that vehicle for January through October and a partial (10-month) bill will go to your last Rhode Island address in August of 2016. But, if you moved from Barrington to another city/town in Rhode Island, the entire tax year would be payable to the city/town where your vehicle was registered as of December 31, 2015.

Q. I changed my name, what do I need to do now?

A. You must change your name on three things; your driver’s license, your registration, and your title.
On your license, you must first have your name changed with the Social Security Administration. Please note: there is a 24-hour waiting period for the Social Security information to be updated. You should then go to one of the DMV locations with your new Social Security Card and legal document showing the new name and the DMV will present you with a new license. Costs are listed in the DMV Fee Table
On your registration, you must go to one of the DMV location with your new license, (the temporary license with your new name will suffice) your title, your legal document, and proof of insurance You will be asked to fill out the TR-1 form.Costs are listed in the DMV Fee Table.
On your title, if the title is in your possession, sign the title over to yourself by signing your former name on the back of the title as “seller”. Then sign your new name as “buyer”. If the title is not in your possession, call the Title Office.

Q. What do I need to do if I am selling my car?

A. If your car is 2001 or newer; you must give the new owner your title, signed over on the back of the document. You should sign as "seller" and have the person you are selling it to sign as "buyer". Make sure you include the vehicle's current mileage reading.
If you do not have the title, you must apply for a duplicate title at the Cranston DMV location. This process can take up to 90 days, so you should do this as soon as possible. Costs are listed in the DMV Fee Table.
You must also give the new owner a bill of sale. The bill of sale should include all the basic information about the car, such as year, make, model, VIN number, color; it must also include the purchase price. You need to sign the bill of sale and furnish your address, as the new owner will have to supply that information on the registration application when he registers the car.

Q. What do I need to do if I am buying a used car?

A. If you are buying the car from a dealership, they may offer a service to register and title the car for you.
If you are buying the car from a private party, keep your plates and go to any DMV branch location with proof of insurance, your bill of sale, the title (which must be signed over to you by the previous owner), and the car's previous registration. You will need to fill out forms to register and title the car and transfer your plates to your recently purchased vehicle.
If the vehicle is 2001 or newer and the title is from another state, the vehicle must have a VIN inspection at the Barrington local police department. Call the police department for days and hours of operation.
To obtain a 5 day temporary plate to bring your vehicle to the Barrington Police Department for a VIN check you would need to bring your bill of sales, title, and proof of insurance, to any DMV office, and a temporary plate will be issued, the fee is $11.50.

Q. How do I register a vehicle if it's a 2000 or older?

A. Go to any DMV branch location and present your title and your registration. If you do not have the title, the registration alone will suffice. A copy of the previous owner's registration is acceptable. If you do not have proof of the previous owner's registration, proof can be obtained at any DMV providing the last registered owner is the person's name on your bill of sales. The fee for this document is $11.50 along with the bill of sale and personal identification such as a license or Social Security card. Proof of residency should accompany these documents.

Q. I just moved to Rhode Island from another state - how do I register my vehicle?

A. If the vehicle is 2001 or newer, you need to title the vehicle. If the title is held by your lienholder you need a faxed copy of the title or certified copy of the title. The DMV does not request titles from lien holders. You must also contact the Barrington Police Department for a VIN inspection prior to registering. You need a current Rhode Island driver’s license or current out-of-state license with proof of residency. You must also supply your insurance information. You must have insurance with a company that is licensed to insure Rhode Island residents. Within five business days of registering, a safety inspection must be performed.

Q. I lost one of my plates - what do I do?

A. If the vehicle is registered in your name you must return the one remaining plate and obtain a new set of two plates with a different number. If you wish, you may order the original set to be remade. These will be re-issued to you after the mandatory 90-day waiting period, or about three months. You also need to bring your current Rhode Island driver’s license and insurance information. If the vehicle is registered to a leasing company you will have to show a Power of Attorney form from the leasing company authorizing you to change the plate.

Q. Both of my plates were stolen. How do I get a new set?

A. First, you must obtain a police report stating that both plates were stolen. Bring that report to the DMV along with your RI driver’s license and insurance information. If the vehicle is leased, then you must also provide a Power of Attorney from the leasing company authorizing you to change the plates. If you wish, you may request that the original set be remade. These will be reissued to you after the mandatory 90-day waiting period, or about three months.

Q. My husband/wife recently passed away. How do I register the vehicle in my name?

A. You will need your current RI driver’s license, insurance information, a copy of the death certificate and proof or ownership of the vehicle - title if the vehicle is 2001 or newer, or registration certificate if the vehicle is a 2000 or older. There is NO FEE for this transaction.

Q. My father/mother gave me his/her vehicle - how do I register the vehicle?

A. Your father/mother needs to give you a gift letter stating your names and addresses, the relationship and vehicle's information (year, make, model, and VIN number). If you are also keeping the vehicle's current plates, he/she must give permission for you to do so in this letter. If the vehicle is 2001 or newer you must have the title to the vehicle, signed over to you by your father/mother in the 'transfer by owner' section on the back of the title. You must also have with you your current RI license and insurance information.

Q. How do I obtain a duplicate registration?

A. You can go to any DMV branch location and you must bring identification (RI license or RI ID card) and proof of insurance. The DMV will have you fill out the TR-1 form. Costs are listed in the DMV Fee Table.

Q. What do I need to do if my registration has expired?

A. You should call the DMV for a renewal form to be mailed to you or report to any DMV branch location to fill out a registration renewal form. This form, complete with your insurance information and together with a check for the correct amount made out to Division of Motor Vehicles or DMV, should then be placed in the renewal drop box. If the registration is expired by more than 90 days, you may have to re-register the car: bring your identification as well as your old registration and insurance information to the branch to fill out the necessary forms.

Q. I don't drive but need to have identification. What do I need to get a Rhode Island ID card?

A. To get a Rhode Island ID card, you must, by law, provide the DMV with three pieces of documentation. First, you must show one identity document, such as a birth certificate, valid U.S. passport or foreign passport, or other valid document from this list. In addition, you must provide a Social Security card. Last, you must be able to prove residency - that you are a resident of the State of Rhode Island.
You may not have a valid driver’s license in Rhode Island or in any other state in order to be eligible for an ID card. Costs are listed in the DMV Fee Table.
Please note: Rhode Island does NOT, under any circumstances, accept an ITIN number or card for proof of identity or signature.


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