Police Cove Park

Project Update - June 14, 2016: Park is complete. New entrance sign and informational sign on history of site installed May 2016. Pending: Boat ramp reconstruction and new restroom - expected to be completed in 2016.

Project Update - August 12, 2015: The contractor has installed curbing, walkways, a pedestrian plaza near the water, and other site improvements. Pavement and other site work remains.

Project Update - June 17, 2015: The contractor is working to complete site work including installing a new storm-water detention facility, stripping pavement, removing subsurface material, installing utilities, etc.

Project Update - April 30, 2015: The contractor has started mobilization at the site. A construction fence will be installed around the perimeter to prevent public access into the construction zone.

Project Update - April 9, 2015: The contractor, William Anthony Excavating of North Kingstown, will begin construction the week of April 20, 2015. An informational meeting with the contractor and the Town will take place at the site at 9 a.m. on Monday, April 20, to provide information about vehicular access to those residents who have moorings in the vicinity of the site.


Project Description: The project involves the construction of a new park within the Town-owned 3.25-acre “Police Cove” site, on the Barrington River adjacent to County Road and the new Barrington River Bridge. Design consultant VHB, working with Town staff and the Police Cove Park Committee, developed plans with the goal of creating a vibrant, multi-functional park that capitalizes on its highly accessible location adjacent East Bay Bike Path, County Road, and the river.

The Town, having secured the required State approvals, is in the process of contracting with a North Kingstown company to build the $565,000 project. The park will include:

Construction is anticipated to be completed in 2015.

Public art also will be a feature in the park. The Police Cove Park Committee, as part of a national contest, last year selected an artist to install a sculpture -- see images below.

The reconstruction of the boat ramp will be completed as a separate contract.


Links to plans for the park and public art are below.

Park and Boat Ramp Reconstruction Plans


Public Art (click to enlarge)

thumb-public art

Additional Information

Project for Public Spaces presentation: Police Cove Park