Harbor Commission

The Commission's responsibilities include:

  • Working with the Harbor Master on implementing the Harbor Management Plan
  • Reviewing applications pending before the Coastal Resources Management Council or the United States Army Corps of Engineers relating to the waters of the Town of Barrington
  • Hearing appeals of a decision of the Harbor Master

Regular Meetings

Meeting information and agendas can be found on the Secretary of State’s website


  • Nelson L. Hawkins Jr., Chair
  • Anne Chapin, Vice Chair
  • Vanessa Anderson, Full Member
  • Bradshaw Evans, Full Member
  • James Forster, Full Member
  • Frank Hearn, Full Member
  • Dwight M. McMillan, Full Member 
  • Douglas Moshier, Full Member
  • Michael Reuter, Full Member
  • Carl Kustell, Town Council Liaison