Resilience and Energy Committee

The Resilience and Energy Committee advises the Town Council on short and long-term strategies to:

  • Promote energy efficiency
  • Create savings and reduce the environmental impact of Town energy usage through conservation and the use of sustainable energy resources
  • Provide education outreach and assistance to the citizens of Barrington in attaining these objectives

Learn more about energy resources.

Regular Meetings

Meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the Secretary of State’s website

Meeting materials for November 28, 2023 Meeting.


  • Magnus Thorsson, PhD, Chair
  • Lynne M. Carter, PhD, Full Member
  • Michael Kadish, Full Member
  • Charles Paul, PhD, Full Member
  • Hans Scholl, PhD, Full Member
  • Rickie Sonpal, Full Member
  • Mike Smith, Full Member
  • Rita Moore, Full Member
  • Bradley Zepko, Full Member
  • VACANCY, 1st Alternate
  • Carl Kustell, Town Council Liaison

Policy Briefs


  1. Hazard Mitigation and Flood Management Plan, 2022
  2. Article:  Cyanobacteria in Brickyard Pond: Is it safe? (PDF) 
  3. Article: Electric Vehicles; Cheaper, Faster, Better (PDF)
  4. Strategic Energy Plan, 2011
  5. Energy Resources
  6. The Unintended Consequences of Leaf Blowers (PDF)
  7. Will my property be safe during flood events? (PDF)