Beach Information and Seasonal Parking Passes 

Barrington residents are able to purchase seasonal beach parking passes. Passes are sold online and stickers may be picked up at the beach (when open and weather permitting). Please check this page in the spring for the link to the online application and payment. 2023 seasonal beach parking passes will go on sale online on Monday, May 1st.

Important Beach Parking Pass Information

  • Passes are available ONLY to Barrington Residents. The application is to be completed online.
    • There is a short-form application is for anyone with a license and vehicle registration showing the same Barrington address. 
    • There is a long-form application for those who do not have the same address appearing on your license and registration. You must upload documentation to show proof of Barrington residence (a list of approved documents is included in the application).
    • For residents 65 years or older that cannot use the online system, you may complete the paperwork at the beach. You must have your Barrington registration and license with you. For those without a Barrington registration, you must bring your license, registration, and a utility bill with your name and current Barrington address. 
    • All other non-standard registrations must be handled at the Recreation Office located at the Peck Center for Adult Enrichment during business hours. 
  • All beach stickers are to be picked up at the beach, regardless of how the application is submitted. The stickers are not available at the Recreation Office.
  • There are no refunds for any purchased beach parking pass. 
  • Beach parking passes and rules apply to all cars, motorcycles, and mopeds.

Additional Rules and Regulations

  • A sticker issued by the Town of Barrington is a revocable privilege, and its use may be suspended at any time. 
  • Anyone violating beach regulations, including filing false information, may be subject to forfeiture of their beach pass, restriction from the use of the beach for the rest of the season, and/or fines up to $50 for each offense. 
  • Anyone violating any of the regulations set forth in the town ordinances (Sections 134-39 through 139-49), in addition to the fines imposed in Article I, may be subject to restriction from the use of the beach for the rest of the season and/or forfeiture of their beach pass
  • Any person violating any provisions of Articles VII and VIII of this chapter shall pay a fine not to exceed $50 for each offense. 

Lifeguard Information

Interested in being a Barrington Beach Lifeguard? Visit the Recreation Employment page to learn more.