How many voting precincts (polling places) are there in Barrington for 2022?

Six voting precincts were established in Barrington for the 2022 redistricting cycle. This is one more than there was during the 2012 to 2021 cycle. RI law limits each voting precinct to no more than 3,000 registered voters. Due to changes to Barrington’s population over the past ten years, the Town added one precinct. Further, the General Assembly made slight revisions to the boundaries for the RI House legislative districts that cover Barrington (#66 and #67), and the Town’s precincts must conform within the newly drawn legislative districts. As a result, some Barrington voters will experience changes to their legislative district and/or their polling place.

The locations of the polling places for the new voting precincts are:

District #66:

  • Barrington High School -- Precinct #101
  • Barrington Middle School -- Precinct #102
  • Nayatt Elementary School -- Precinct #103

District #67:

  • Hampton Meadows School -- Precinct #104
  • Sowams Elementary School -- Precinct #105
  • Barrington Town Hall -- Precinct #106

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