Conservation Commission

 Conservation Commission members serve three-year terms. The Commission also functions as the Tree Commission.

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Wetlands Overlay District


The Conservation Commission reviews and provides advisory recommendations to the Zoning Board of Review special use permit applications involving encroachment into the Town's minimum 100-foot wetland setback.

All Wetlands Overlay District special use permit applications are referred to the Conservation Commission. The Commission's report and recommendations are submitted to the Zoning Board of Review prior to the Zoning Board's hearing on the application. The Conservation Commission visits the site of the proposed activity and, in its report to the Zoning Board, recommend one of the following:

  1. Approval of the site plan as submitted.

  2. Approval of the site plan conditioned on changes as listed.

  3. Disapproval of the site plan and the reasons therefor.


In reviewing the site plan, the Conservation Commission may require that the wetland boundary be delineated by a wetland biologist or other qualified person according to current standards for such delineation as established by the state Department of Environmental Management.

(See Zoning Ordinance Article XXV: Wetlands Overlay District). 

Wellhead Recharge Area


The Commission also reviews Development Plan Review applications submitted to the Planning Board involving projects within the Nayatt wellhead recharge area and special flood hazard areas.

(See Section 200-85 of the Town's Land Development & Subdivision Regulations)

Tree Commission

The Conservation Commission, in its capacity as Tree Commission, assists the Tree Warden in the following areas:

  • Regulating and enacting the maintenance, removal and planting of trees within the public rights-of-way to ensure public safety.


  • Preserving the aesthetics of the public right-of-way with regard to trees.


  • Protecting the value and health of Barrington trees as a whole.


  • Making recommendations for the regulation of the cultivation, planting, maintenance and preservation of trees and all forestry functions, including the planting, care and removal of trees within the jurisdiction of the Town of Barrington.


The Tree Commission also communicates and works with civic and public interest groups concerned with tree care, management, preservation and planting.

(See Article III, Chapter 145 of the Town Code)

Reports & Information

Barrington Conservation Commission Bylaws


Conservation Commission Guide (for projects within 100 feet of wetlands/water bodies)

Too Much of a Good Thing: Phosphorus in Brickyard Pond


The Conservation Commission and Department of Public Works have developed this pamphlet to describe the occurrence of phosphorus in Brickyard Pond and how local residents can help to reduce it.

Natural Resources Management Plans for Brickyard Pond and Hampden Meadows Greenbelt Conservation Areas


The Conservation Commission is overseeing the development of Management Plans for the Brickyard Pond and Hampden Meadows Greenbelt conservation areas. As part of the management plan development, Natural Resources Management Plans were developed by the Rhode Island Natural History Survey. The information from these plans will be used, in part, to develop the Town's management plans for these areas. These Natural Resources Management Plans are being provided for public information.

TMDL for Brickyard Pond


The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has derived a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for phosphorus in Brickyard Pond, which identified actions required by the Town. Their document can be accessed through this link:

  • Jorie Allen

  • David Boyes

  • Douglas W. Materne, Chair

  • Richard McBride

  • Ted Myatt, Chair

  • Joseph W. Roberts, Secretary

  • Eileen M. Small


  • Carl Kustell, Council Liaison