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TAX PAYMENT OPTIONS: Due Date: March 30, 2022

The Town of Barrington is urging residents and businesses to use Online, Mail Services or the utilization of the Town's Drop Box located to the left-hand side of the Finance/Tax Collector's entrance door in front of the Town Hall.

  The Finance Department / Tax Collections Department is located on the first floor of Town Hall. Interest will accrue after due date.


Reminder: Tax payments are due


Third Quarter - Due Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Fourth Quarter - Due Thursday, June 30, 2022

First Quarter - Due Friday, September 30, 2022


Second Quarter - Due Friday, December 30, 2022

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Residents can pay their taxes using the following options:


1. Mail payment and quarterly coupon to


Town of Barrington


PO Box 9716


Providence, RI 02940-9716


Please include payment stub


A separate check is requested for each account being paid

2. Online Tax Payments

“Quick Links” (right-hand side of homepage)

“On-Line Tax Payments”

3. Drop off box (checks only)


Payments may also be put in the payment slot located to the left-hand side of the Finance/Tax Collector's entrance door in front of the Town Hall.

Convenient Tax Payment Service Option Available

If you would like to have your taxes deducted from your checking or savings account on a monthly or quarterly basis automatically, please contact the Finance Department. 


Authorization for Direct Payment



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Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports 

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Why am I being taxed for a vehicle I no longer own?


Tax bills are mailed each year in mid-August. The information for billing motor vehicles is obtained from

the RI DMV, reflecting the previous calendar year. If you had a vehicle registered for any portion of the prior calendar year, the vehicle will appear on your bill, showing the following in the description portion of your bill:


Plate#, # of Days, Date Range, Year, Make, Model, VIN, Net Valuation, Tax Adj. and Tax Due


You may pay the bill in full or opt to make quarterly payments. The bottom portion of your bill has the four (4) quarterly coupons attached. This is the payment collection cycle, which extends throughout our fiscal year (ending the following June 30th ). Even though you may have disposed of a vehicle during this period, you are liable to make the quarterly payments because the vehicles were registered to you during the noted assessment period.

How do I get a vehicle off the tax roll?


All information for billing motor vehicles is obtained from the RI DMV. In order to remove a vehicle, you must cancel the registration (return the plates) at the DMV or any AAA office (if you are a member).


Be advised that the billing is for the previous calendar year, so the removal of a vehicle will not be immediately reflected on the current bill, but rather on the subsequent year's bill (or possibly the year after, depending on the cancellation date).

I'm a new owner on a property- will I automatically get a tax bill?


Tax bills on newly acquired properties will be sent out only if they are requested. Our normal schedule for mailing all bills is mid-August. Any persons requesting copies of bills for purchases after this date are required to call the tax office @ 247-1900 x318, and a copy will be mailed.

I escrow my real estate taxes, why am I receiving a tax bill?


You will receive a copy of your bill even if you escrow. It most likely won't be necessary to send your mortgage company a copy. If we have received a request from your mortgage company, they will be sent the information automatically.

Contact Us


Kathy Raposa, Business and Finance Director

Office Location


The Finance Department and Tax Collections window is on the first floor of Town Hall, 283 County Road. Use front door to the left; handicap entrance is to the rear of Town Hall.