Floodplain Mapping Tool

The Floodplain Mapping Tool allows property owners to find their property on the new FEMA flood insurance rate maps to become effective on July 7, 2014.

Rhode Island Floodplain Mapping Tool

The tool is available here:



This tool is provided as a reference only. The data are not intended for legal, engineering or surveying purposes. The Tool is designed to provide users with an easily accessible online resource by which to make informed decisions about the flood risk for a specific area or property. The Tool provides the user with an approximate flood zone determination relative to a flood hazard area. 


The floodplains shown on this Tool are delineated on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) historic, preliminary, or effective Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). For inquiries relating to flood insurance or regulations, please refer to the published effective FIRM for your area of concern. The effective FIRM is produced, maintained and published by FEMA and not by the State of Rhode Island. Community specific effective map panels for Rhode Island are available on the FEMA Map Service Center.