Town Manager

Hello and welcome!

In 2005, I was hired as Barrington’s first full-time Town Planner. In the years since, I’ve gotten to know people from across the community.

We have met during the many work sessions and public hearings held by the Planning Board on updating the Comprehensive Plan, subdividing property, developing new housing, building new

commercial and mixed-use buildings. We have exchanged ideas to renovate parks and trails and build sidewalks for kids to walk and bike safely to school. We have attended workshops to learn about the benefits of solar, resulting in a surge of solar installations across the town.

We have met to talk about many issues – a new coffee house, a new bank, a proposed senior housing development, financial assistance for home repairs, a neighborhood issue. This past winter, I got to know many business owners better when we delivered patio heaters, tables and chairs, lights and other Take It Outside items to help them deal with the effects of the pandemic.

In my new capacity as Town Manager, I look forward to continuing to hear from you and working with Town departments staffed with dedicated and talented employees to continue to move Barrington forward.

As always, if you have any concerns, you can give us a call at (401) 247-1900 x5.



​Philip Hervey, AICP


Phone: 247-1900 x5

Philip Hervey, AICP, Town Manager


Jean Bellm, Executive Assistant

Office Location

The Town Manager's Office is located on the first floor at Town Hall, 283 County Road.