Open Space Committee

The Open Space Committee is charged with the implementation of the Town’s Open Space Plan and the open space provisions of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. The Committee shall make recommendations for future acquisitions of open space parcels and recommend guidelines and priorities for the use, improvement and management of open space throughout town, including environmentally sensitive conservation areas, farmland, trails and passive recreation areas within parks.

Regular Meetings

Meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the Secretary of State’s website


  • Kelly Chinners Reiss, Chair
  • Ann Brouillette, Barrington Land Trust Representative
  • James Forster, Harbor Commission
  • Rita Moore, Resilience and Energy Committee
  • Ted Myatt, Conservation Commission Representative
  • Thomas (TR) Rimoshytus, Park and Recreation Commission
  • Tim Twohig, Full Member
  • Ron Pitt, 1st Alternate
  • Annelise Conway, Town Council Liaison
  • Teresa Crean, AICP, Town Planner and Administrative Officer


  1. Open Space Plan
  2. 2015 Parks and Open Space
  3. 2015 Protected Lands
  4. 2015 Public Access
  5. 2015 Coastal Features
  6. 2015 Significant Natural Features
  7. 2015 Proposed Bikeways