Town Manager

  1. Responsibilities

The Town Manager coordinates and implements the Phil_H_Afoperations of town government and seeks to achieve effective coordination and efficient delivery of services to assure economy, accountability, and responsiveness to citizens' needs. The Town Manager maintains direct communication through an open-door policy and is available to the Town Council, boards and commissions, department heads, and the Barrington community.

Responsibilities of the Town Manager include:

  • Preparation of the town operating and capital budgets
  • Representation of Barrington at meetings involving leaders of Rhode Island state and federal government agencies
  • Provision of oversight of risk management
  • Active participation in matters concerning future town planning and economic development
  • Work with department heads to coordinate efforts to modernize and improve services
  • Take the lead in contract negotiations with the town's four unions (public works, police, fire, and dispatch)
  • Preside at Town Council meetings, directing the legislative and administrative functions
  • Oversee daily operations of Barrington's municipal government, consisting of 11 departments, 185 employees, serving over 17,000 residents

I invite you to participate in Barrington's town government. By being an involved participant, you can help shape the future of this great town.

It is my honor and privilege to serve our community.