Cemetery Commission

The Cemetery Commission manages and controls all cemeteries and burial grounds belonging to the Town or in which the Town has any interest. The Commission has the right to sell and dispose of burial lots belonging to the Town and any interest of the Town in any burial lots in the cemeteries and burial grounds for such price, and under such terms, restrictions, rules, and regulations, as they shall adopt. 

Regular Meetings

Meeting  agendas and minutes can be found on the Secretary of State’s website


  • James Bessel, Chair
  • John E. Anderson, Full Member
  • Suzanne Cherau, Full Member
  • Erika C. Farrell, Full Member
  • Raymond F. Morris, Jr., Full Member
  • Jacob N. Brier, Town Council Liaison

Town Cemeteries

  • Forest Chapel - Nayatt Road
  • Prince's Hill - 283 County Road
  • Tyler Point Burial Ground - 24 Tyler Point Road
  • Watson Yard (Matthew Watson Cemetery) - 1 to 99 Brick Pond Drive
  • Allin Yard (Allin Burial Ground) - Bay Spring Avenue
  • Knockum Hill Burial Ground - New Meadow Road and Warren Avenue, Telephone Pole 33